Web Design and SEO Secrets that the #1 Melbourne SEO Service Use to Full Effect

One of the golden rules of online marketing is to never underestimate the power of search engine optimization and web design – and for a good reason. Well-Developed web design and SEO will make your business website a usual candidate for number one in Google’s search results. Achieving the highest rank in the search engine results page means you have the best chance to get higher site traffic. The higher site traffic you get, the more money for your business. However, how do you prepare your website to achieve that illustrious top search spot? There are a variety of techniques that #1 Melbourne SEO service firms are using and aren’t telling anybody. But we’re here to spill the beans. Listed below are some of these secret tips and tricks that you can incorporate to achieve the best in both your SEO and web design:


Incorporate Short Yet To-the-point URLs

If you’ve been doing SEO for quite a while, you might have seen those long, spammy-looking URLs on some websites. You might have some on yours. These URLs comprise of the homepage URL and a bunch of random numbers, symbols, and letters behind it. Not only are they awkward and unattractive to look at, but they also don’t contribute to your web design and SEO. Google instantly flags sites that contain a lot of long, spammy-looking URLs. That’s why if you’ve been doing this thinking that it’s right for you, then you’re wrong and you should change your strategy right away. By replacing these long URLs with shorter yet to-the-point ones, your SEO and web design will drastically improve.


Sprinkle Relevant Keywords Throughout Your Content

No matter how well-written your content may be, it will not help your site rank if you don’t include keywords in it. Keywords are what’s going to help your website rank for a respective niche. Without the use of proper keywords, your website won’t be seen in the SERPs. You can ask any #1 Melbourne SEO service firm right now, and they will always tell you to prioritize your keywords. Click here to learn more about using the right keywords.


Customize Your Meta Descriptions

Notice the short descriptions placed under each search results on Google. These are called meta descriptions. If you’ve been following SEO and web design, you might have heard that the meta description is a non-factor when it comes to ranking your website. While this may be true, keep in mind that your meta description still has an important role for your entire site. It acts as the introductory statement that will catch people’s attention. You can even incorporate keywords, which will guide people towards clicking to your website. Google has even implemented an update that involves the inclusion of meta description as an important factor in ranking a website. So, make sure you customize your meta descriptions and add some value to them as much as you can.


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